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Time:09:43 am
Hi all. I found love online a little more than 5 years ago. I recently wrote about our story at my blog, Three Ladies and Their Babies: http://threeladiesandtheirbabies.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/finding-love-online/
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Time:02:31 am
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hiya my name is david aka silks and i had bad experiences of love. girls have used me sexually, stolen cash and simply played with me. if only there was a woman who is true and honest. if only a girl can like me for who i am then i travel anywhere to meet that girl and win her heart
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Subject:За кого ты выйдешь замуж?
Time:01:03 pm
За кого ты выйдешь замуж?
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Time:12:01 pm
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 Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. . . hopefully make a few friends who know what it's like to not have the person you most want to be with right next to you. If you'd like to be friends, please send me a message or friend my journal. It's tough having an online relationship, and I'd love to meet some people in the same situation.

I'm Amy, and I'm 30-years-old with one child, a 6-year-old girl. I left my ex when I was pregnant because we disagreed on keeping the baby. I wanted her, he didn't. We didn't get divorced until she was four because he kept saying he wanted to try, and I kept trying even though we didn't live together again. I swore long before I got divorced that no matter what happened I would never be in another relationship. Jubeda's had very minimal contact with her father, but recently he called to tell her that she has a little brother who is one, and he's called every few days since then. I don't know why, and I hope he doesn't hurt her. He has a habit of calling for a few weeks and then not calling for months or even a year. She also has a little half sister he never intended for us to know about, but her mom found me, and the girls are as close as they can be long distance.

Dave is 50, and he's got two boys, 14 and 10. He started out as a friend. A e-pal type thing. I've always had pen pals. Anyway, for a long time we didn't really get to know each other. Then my dad became very ill, and he knew how I felt cause he'd gone through the same thing with his mother. We started talking more. Got to know each other. Talked about our past marriages. And when I became really ill, he was always there when I needed him. Anytime. 

At some point we crossed over from friends. I don't know exactly when. He saw it before I did, and he tried to warn me. He worried about our age difference, about the distance. I'm in the USA and he's in the UK. I brushed his thoughts aside until it was too late. I was his. I was his first, he kept his distance. But he became mine, too. 

We've been talking for more than three years now. I was supposed to go visit this summer, but I ended up with some messy health issues, so we've had to postpone it. And it's nearly killing both of us. We're going insane. It's not easy to be so far apart. And with my health issues mean I can't afford a cell phone at the moment so we can't even text.
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Time:03:36 pm
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Greetings Everyone, I joined because I think if I'm going to last five months until I see him, I may just lose my mind without some support, and I thought this might be the place. So a little bit about us

My name:
His/Her name: Kayne
I live: California , USA
My age: 22
He/She lives: Christchurch, NZ
His/Her age: 24
Distance:  The Pacific Ocean
Together since: March, 2009
We met:
My current boyfriend at the time, had gotten me to play a text based game, we had been together for five years and were pretty much having a rough time. He had lived with me for a year without getting a job, helping out around the house, or offering any sort of support in the relationship. However I was always too afraid to hurt him, too guilty to do so. Around Christmas I had run into this person, who was, unlike anyone I'd ever met. There was an immediate attraction, it's almost hard to describe. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and after three months time he went away to greece for a week. I was somewhat aware of my feelings I would say and, when he came back, he told me he loved me. I was a bit shocked at first, but then realized what I had been doing all along. How I would wait every night for him, how happy I was just talking to him, how I missed him, I realized maybe I was falling for him. So I broke up with my current boyfriend, something I never thought I'd have the strength to do, but finally I realized I deserve better, I deserve to be loved. The past three months have been like nothing I've ever felt before. We talk for hours every night on the phone, we send gifts and letters back and forth, share pictures and have webcam dates. I never thought someone was perfect for you, I always thought you had to compromise, that you shouldn't expect to be swept off your feet or fall into such romanticism, I never thought I would get exactly what I wanted, and every day, I'm flabbergasted to find that out more and more. It feels like we've known each other our whole lives, like we know every little detail, sometimes I think he knows me better than I know me.
We get to see each other (approximately how often):
Though we've never physically met, we talk almost every night for hours on end
Future plans:
I had planned to visit him this coming November, for about nine days and if all went well, then I would consider living with him once I got all the details hammered out with moving to another country. But he just surprised me and told me that when I flew back home in november that he would be coming too, and would stay with me for awhile. -swoon-

Anyways those are the basic details. Good luck to all of you Long Distance Lovers!
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Subject:$1,000 IKEA Gift Card
Time:05:05 am

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Time:11:22 pm
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Well, I'm new to this community, but I need some advice about a possible/developing online relationship...

Just so you have a little bit of background information about me, my name is Sarah, and I'm a sophomore in college. My major is English, and I'm currently learning Japanese and Korean because I want to teach English in Japan and possibly live in Korea one day.

Anyway, enough about me. On to the part I need help with.
Since my college does not offer courses in Korean, one day I decided that I need a Korean penpal. So I went to the Rosetta Stone sharedtalk website to find one, and I found.. many heheh.
One I grew particularly fond of was a 21-year-old boy, and we talked for about two months via MSN and then talked for a few months using Skype voice chat [it's pretty much like talking on the phone] and eventually we exchanged phone numbers and started talking that way. We sent pictures of ourselves to each other, and I know for a fact that he's legit cause I've talked to his family members, too. I started crushing on him because he's extremely good-looking, very smart, and an all-around great guy, but I never told him because I didn't think it could ever work out.

Here's the predicament. He just joined the army about two weeks ago. Because he's not allowed to use the internet or his cell phone during basic training, we can't talk to each other for three whole months.

And on the last day we talked to each other, he finally confessed that he loved me. He even went so far as to say he would marry me one day...
Now, it drives me crazy not being able to talk to him. He'll be in the army for two years, so we won't be able to meet in person all that time, but he wants me to wait for him, to keep him as an option. Around the time he gets out of the army, I'll be graduating and moving to Japan, so it would really work out for us to date then because we'll be living so close to each other.

I'm so confused as to what to do. Should I keep liking him? Is it too early to tell if this can work out?
Please help me!!

If you've read this far, THANK YOU.
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Time:05:41 pm
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Hello. I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd post my story so to speak as a little introduction.

Cut since I tend to rambleCollapse )
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Subject:Good bye.
Time:01:21 pm
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Other Posts

My name is Kris.
And as much as it took forever for me to say this.
I regret to say, I will be withdrawing my membership to this group.
All because my (now ex) boyfriend and I are no longer together.
Utter failures brought us to this, along with the fact I lost hope in the relationship
and cheated on his for 6 months before the disaster of our relationship struck.

I wish all those in a long distance relationship the best of luck, and
a better future to their love lives.

LDR Support
Lovers Far Away

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Subject:Sharing the story
Time:08:07 pm
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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the community and thought I would share my story. A little over 3 years ago I was married, to my first husband. He didn't pay any attention to me, he abused me and hurt me in many ways. He played an online game called World of Warcraft, in an attempt to be around my husband I started to play. When he didn't play with me and enjoyed the company of other online more I started chatting with others online, including a man named Jerry. Jerry and I got close, he helped listen to me and make me feel better, helped even give ideas on how to try and save my marriage. In aboaut February, Jerry's computer broke down and I didn't speak with him until May. By the time he was back online in May I was leaving my husband. It turned out to be perfect timing. We started talking often on the phone. We had so much in common we truely cared about each other. We hadn't even met and he already treated me better than my husband ever did. I filed for divorce and Jerry and I decided to meet in July. This was spontanius to say the least. I live in Portland, Oregon and Jerry lived in Columbus, Ohio. We were 2600 miles apart. Once we decided we really wanted to meet I was on a plane just 7 days later.

We really kicked things off, I met his family and friends. He showed me around town and we spent evenings just laughing, talking, and watching movies. We knew right away things were right. I was just 21 and he was 30, it was a big age difference but it just didn't matter. After a week together he gave me his arrowhead pendant, he wore it all the time, his mother gave it to his father the year he was born, his dad then gave it to him. Jerry gave it to me and asked me to wear it but only to wear it if he knew he would get it back again. I  nearly cried and I gave him my ring. My ring was something I worse since  I was 11, a black hills silver ring, the only piece of jewelry I never changed and always wore. I gave it to him and told him I wanted it back when he came for his arrowhead. After a sad departure we quickly planned his trip out here. It was a longer trip.. just one month after me visiting him, he packed up his camero, quit his job and drove 2600 miles in 3 days to move into our new apartment together. (he helped me pick it online).

We had some rough patches but things continued to be wonderful. After dating a year he asked me to marry him. He brought me to the beach and had candles lit in ithe shape of aa heart and proposed. I of course said yes. Another year later (November 1st, 2008) we got married. We have now been dating about 2 and a half years and been married about 2 and a half month. I have never been happier. It's amazing how we met. I cared about him when we first started chatting online but if you would have asked me then, I never would have imagined that we would end up married. oh how i love him.

We are now working on buying a house, we hope to have one by this summer. After just enjoying marrage a few more years we are planning on working on having our first child.

Jerry is amazing, and treats me like a queen. Don't ever let people discourage you, meeting online might not be for  everyone but it is for some. I don't believe I could have met anyone better fit for me anywhere else in the world.

Thanks to online, I am now proudly Mrs. Williams

Happy Monday, Everyone!

- M -

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