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[icon] ♥ Online Romance - We met online! :)
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Subject:New here
Time:12:10 am
Current Mood:lonelylonely
Intro: under a cut due to length and picturesCollapse )
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Time:12:25 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
ok...so i am new to LJ

i have been on this dating site since february 2008
after being on the site and chatting with some guys for about 6 months i decided that it was time i started to meet some of them...
of course on these dating sites you get some guys that are only out to get some free poon tang!! hahaha! which is why it took me so long to start meeting from the site...to give me time to chat with them and find things out about them as well as get to know them...anyhoo, after the 6 months i started meeting guys...a lot of them seemed decent enough but they wanted to jump into a relationship and get things moving quickly..not what i wanted at all...
out of a possible 25 guys or so...there is one guy that i still currently hang out with...and one that i haven't yet met but can't wait to meet...when we first started chatting we lived in the same city...but since then i have moved because of the shortage of work :(
he has this deal with politics and it gets quite complicated...he possibly could be moving out of the country and i might not get to meet him...and if he comes back then i still won't get to meet him because of certain complications...i can't really tell you all the nasty details...

Anyhoo, we have been conversing back and fourth now for at least three months (or more...) and haven't yet met...msn, talking on the phone, that sort of thing...we had made two plans to meet and each time it didn't work out...i had to bail the first time because my gf needed me...long story..about a boy...my close friends come before any guy...especially if iwe aren't in a relationship..so yeah...after all this conversing he tells me that he wants to persue a relationship...i haven't yet decided if that's what i want...just for the simple fact that i haven't met him and can't really decide that on these terms...but i am interested and open to the idea...

he tells me that he is a patient man...which i am kinda starting to believe because he has been waiting and waiting to meet me for this long and still talks about us together...but then again he could be just saying that...i don't know if he is seeing other girls in the process...nor do i want to think about it...:S i mean we aren't in a relationship...(nor have we met) should i be thinking about what he does at this time? what happens when it comes to other guys...i am still on the site and talk to a few different guys regularily...but as friends...and i have now hid my profile so others can't find me on there...just the ones that are currently on my faves and whatnot...i don't say anything to them to lead them on and we have good conversations about anything...ya know..get to know you conversations...oh i don't know...WHAT DO I THINK? IS IT WRONG FOR ME TO TALK TO OTHER GUYS FROM THE SITE? THIS GUY SEEMS LIKE A COOL CA... SO I WAIT TO MEET HIM AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS FROM THERE?

give me some input on what y'all think


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Subject:*waves hello*
Time:05:54 pm
Well, I just joined...anyway, I'm in an online relationship...well, it started as an online relationship and seems to have turned into a regular long distance one...but still mostly online. XD Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to make some friends here that understand where I'm coming from.
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Time:03:39 pm
Heyyyy. I've been in many long distance relationships, but nothing like this one. Don't get me wrong, I've dated irl as well, but the guys here aren't worth twat honestly.. well from whom I've met. But this guy that I've met online.. is perfect for me. I'm 18, and he's 20.

Here's my story:
So one day, there was an associate of mine that showed me her ex boyfriend over myspace. (Mind you, this is all over the internet) They broke up simply due to her being disrespectful to his mom, and other issues. A few weeks later, I end up messaging him through myspace because from what I read on his profile, he seems like he's perfect for me.  We end up speaking, and I introduce myself, and whatnot. We exchange words on these so called internet rumors about me, but he said he that he'd get to know me before going along with the rumors. So, we exchange hotmail addresses, and get on msn messenger.. We were speaking for quite some time on personal things, such as abortion, sex, things of that nature. Him and I have the same likings.. So in about two days, he confessed that he loves me, and that he had never felt this strongly so quickly about anyone else, I felt the same (even though I just got out of a 3 year relationship online, but that doesn't matter since I'm just so inlove with this man). So we dated right on my birthday, which is a good present. <3

We're still inlove, but we're taking a break until I graduate.
We know that we're both made for eachother. I'm just focussing more on my school work.
No, we're not flirting, or seeing anyone else, except eachother.
I trust him fully, just like he trusts me. I have no eye, nor lust for another man. Only him. He's taken my heart that much, and I long to touch him. I really do. But patience is best for right now.
It's like things haven't changed between us except the time that we spend together, but all the love and things is still there.. So right after I graduate, he's moving here, and coming to live with me in the apartment room that I'm getting. =)

So people might rage and throw bxtch fits over 'online relationships aren't real' and whatnot, but y'know, they're idiotic to me, and can't really grasp the fact that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and especially, anywhere across the world.

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Subject:Good luck
Time:03:20 pm
I'm here to wish good luck to you all. With a lot of love and patience, it can be done. I'm currently married to someone I met on a marriage site. We were in different countries, and after our first meet he came to visit me every week (1200 kms of driving). He actually proposed before we met! I told him yes, IF he was really like he seemed to be.

The week was really hard. We spent all our time on msn. We neglected studies (me) & work (him). We neglected the people around us. It was really hard to be apart. But we made it. :)
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Subject:[All questions will be bolded] He's coming!!
Time:08:20 pm
Current Mood:nervousnervous
Hey everyone, I haven't done a post on here or LJ in general since I had originally joined this group (along with several others) but anyways I'll reintroduce myself and run off from there...

My name: Kris
His/Her name (& LJ name if they have one): Sean
I live: Ft. Mac, Alberta
My age: 17
He/She lives: Pin Court, Que.
His/Her age: 26
Distance: 1 week's drive
Together since: July/August 2006
We met: Online. IMVU
We get to see each other (approximately how often): Never
Future plans: A meeting by next summer.

Sean and I are going on our 2nd year of this LDR stuff and we have finally been able to plan a get together.
Is it common for a person to some doubts about how the relationship will be after he leaves? These last few months have been extremely difficult for me, and I can only speak on my behalf for this reason, I could've broken things off several times with Sean, because slowly our communication was becoming close to nil. But I chose to stand by and try to pull through and give everything a chance.
So, Sean and I, after several months of planning and several unexpected twists and turns along the way, some good and some not. [Of course, what would be a relationship without those, right?] Well, he's finally on his way here. Quebec is known for their construction holidays and such so he has taken his vacation time on the same 2 weeks of those holidays and is being paid to come visit. Altogether, the entire thing has been nerve racking to no end. Considering my family is not here, they have escaped to BC to visit my sister, I have been left to "man the fort". I will try and post pictures of what ever may be/happen. But I don't expect myself to take any pictures because I'm absolute 'wubbish' the entire thing. And we both hate having our pictures taken.

Hope all this goes well..
If any body has any suggestions [I don't know what kind of suggestions, don't ask =P] or advice for our "reunion". Please feel free to post them. 
Thanks in advanced!
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Time:02:18 am
hi. my name is celly, im from california, and i'm 17 years old. i've been in. an online relationships with a boy named sabra, 18, from northern washington for almost 8 months. we met in a stickam chatroom, and continually go in there, although we've moved onto 1on1s with each other in skype. he's one of the best guys i've ever met, and the way i found him was completely ridiculous. but nevertheless hes mine and im his. he's hoping to come visit me at the end of august and i'm trying to not get my hopes too high in case it doesnt work out, but i cant help it hah.

although everything is great between us. i sometimes feel as though i cause conflict in the relationship because i cant just not worry about things.
i just want to get an outsiders opinion on this, because this is my first relationship, and it just so happens to be online and long distance. two of the hardest relationship factors ever. he's my world, we sleep on cam and spend every free moment we can with eachother.
but of course, i'm a girl and sometimes i get nervous and paranoid.
bottom line: have you ever panicked because you were scared of the relationship you've gotten into? have you ever been scared that you'll never meet or scared they'll meet somebody else in real life? and if so how did you cope with it. did you talk to them about it? how did you get over that fear and relax?

id love to hear your experiences. even if it hasnt happened with you, i'd love some success stories to keep my mind optimistic.

anyways i'm excited to have found this community, hi! :D
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Subject:Face to Face
Time:09:22 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
The name's Heaven, and I'm just your typical fifteen year old smart alec. I met Christian, the guy I'm committed to, online over eleven months ago. This little online romance began three months after we started speaking to each other. We're meeting in person tomorrow at 1:50 when my mother and I go to pick him up from the airport.

I'll tell you, it was a helluva situation trying to get him down here, what with flights changing and what not. Who knew flying a sixteen year old boy from Norway to Florida would be such a pain in the rear? Anyway, he's going to be staying here for the next three weeks while he and I both have summer vacation from school.

Honestly I don't think it's quite clicked in here yet *taps head* that he's going to be within reach for the first time. Finally being face to face is unimaginable. I can't picture it, and have no idea what it's going to be like.

So ladies and gentlemen, wish us luck, and cross your fingers for me, because I'm half sure that my brain is going to completely fail on me when I get to that airport tomorrow.
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Subject:In a relationship but never met?
Time:08:52 pm
 I am conducting a study for my doctoral dissertation looking at characteristics of individuals who are involved in online romantic relationships with people they have never met face-to-face.

If you are involved in one of these online relationships, or have been involved in one, would you be so kind as to take my survey?

This is a completely anonymous survey, and no data can be traced to any particular individual.
I appreciate any help you can give me in acquiring participants for this research! Please contact me with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to answer them.
Landi Turner
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Subject:one below this. =X
Time:11:09 am

So I posted the post below this one.
I've decided...

... I'm actually falling for this guy.
Usually when I show my insecurities, the guys I'm talking to either laugh or yell at me, and then blow me off.
He just talks to me.
I was waiting for him to get tired of me asking questions and all that, but he hasn't.

I'm looking into airfare and hotel costs so i can see him when I celebrate saving around 2000 in the bank <3

I'm not going to ask questions anymore.
I trust him.
That's the first time I've said it and meant it.


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[icon] ♥ Online Romance - We met online! :)
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